pawpaw flower photos

pezzuti9(z5 PA)April 27, 2012

Hi guys,

I tried this morning to take some macro photos of the flowers on my young pawpaw trees. It is very windy and my hands shake a little. I want to hand pollinate them but I am not sure I know how. I did pollinate many other type plants but these are presentging a challange. First of all I see no pollen as yet and I'm checking for it daily.

I did print out photos from a web site showing the different parts and stages og the flowers. In the photo he is using a brush to spread the pollen. I am not sure if I place the pollen on the what they call stigmas or the

anthers in the flower. Need some advice.

The photos I took are of two different type pawpaw trees.

thanks in advance.

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

You will apply the pollen to the stigma. In the second photo, there are three in the middle. Looks like the first flower has more. They are kind of sticky when they are receptive, and you should be able to see some pollen stuck to them after application.

You will see pollen pretty soon. Keep checking daily, because it can all fall off not too long after it forms, depending on the variety.

Once a flower is making pollen, it is no longer receptive to pollen according to what I have read.

Good Luck!

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Beautiful pictures.

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Nice looking flowers. Hopefully I'll see some in a few years on the ones we just planted.

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