Miller's or Nourse?

chloeashaApril 19, 2012

I'm going to order some strawberry plants... Mara des Bois. I see Miller has them for hald the price of Nourse-- but I also know sometimes some sources are worth that extra money. Any opinions? Thanks!


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I've never gotten a bad anything from Nourse. First class operation. Miller seems OK, I've ordered a few times from them.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Julianna, with that price difference I would still go with Nourse. Nourse is one of the very best and Millers is one of the most average places.


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OK, thanks you guys! That is what I was gathering by looking online. A good nursery makes all the difference!

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I ordered many plants from Miler in the past. I never had any problem with Miller. Their trees are very decent size and condition when arrived. I have never tried Nourse so can't offer comments.

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alan haigh

O G, what nurseries have you ordered from before that you are comparing Millers to? Millers used to sell the tiniest trees imaginable.

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wasabi_(Z6a WesternNC)

just received my third order from Nourse in five years. Great quality and service. quality doesn't cost more than it saves.

haven't ordered from Miller.

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Just received my second order of "Mara des Bois" today. They are perfect! I planted all fifty this afternoon. Norse is great in my book; have been ordering from them for the past four years. Mrs. G

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