Cherry tree and fire blight risk

MulberryMaryApril 5, 2013

Good day gardeners,

Last summer we cut down a backyard apple tree that was suffering badly from fireblight.

I want to plant a sour cherry tree (north star) this year. Near the apple tree stump would be my preferred spot.

Should I worry about fireblight from the stump infecting the cherry tree? If so, does it make a difference if I plant the cherry tree ten feet away instead of right next to the stump? (It's a back yard, not an acreage)


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Cherries don't get fire blight so no concern there. It might be better planted 10ft away or at least a few feet. But for us backyard growers other considerations usually prevail. So I'd say plant it wherever is best for sun etc. Do remove all of the apple stump that you can if it's rotted. But again I won't spend $$$ removing a solid stump.

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Thanks! Good to know that cherry trees aren't susceptible. I thought since they are somewhat related to apples they might suffer too.

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With cherry, you need to look out for bacterial canker. It is rather common and troublesome.

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