Asian Pear Rootstocks - OHXF97 vs Bet.

Dan.NYApril 11, 2012

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of which is "better"? The only reference I see is that Bet. will produce larger fruit, this from Cummins website. Other than that I have no knowledge. Does it produce larger fruit? any disease resistance differnce? Amount of fruit? better fruit quality??



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alan haigh

I think Bet makes a more vigorous tree which with the Asians is a virtue in most situations but it is not considered reliably cold hardy for a Z5 so you are probably better off with OHXF. Maybe that's why the nursery sent it.

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I found this in case anyone is interested. Bet. hardy to about -10, OHxFG hardy to about -20.

This article cites a book called Western Fruit, Berries and Nuts, published in 1981.


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alan haigh

Fowlers nursery says not all bet is equal and claims to have an exceptionally hardy strain- or so a salesman told me many years ago.

If I was in Z5 I would protect it over winter with a mulch a few inches above the graft union.

I believe that I've often had it survive well under -10, but it was probably Fowler trees. Been a while since it's gotten that cold here.

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