Shagbark/Shellbark hickories, self pollinating?

fireweed22April 21, 2013

Any idea if shagbark and shellbark hickories are self pollinating?

And on the topic, how about black walnut? I've got a few other Juglans species- was hoping they may all pollinate each other. Buartnut, butternut, carpathian walnuts...


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Did a web search and found out both that certain cultivars are self pollinating, AND that the species are self pollinating.
More confused with that.

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The hickories, and black walnuts,for that matter, have not received nearly so much study and research as their more economically-relevant relative, the pecan.
You *might* get some nuts with a single, solitary tree, but extrapolating from the pecan data and some of the BW stuff I've read, you really need at least two selections; not sure how pronounced dichogamy is with the hickories, but it's pretty stark in the pecan. Have seensome claims that hickory pollen is self-incompatible - don't know if that's the case, or if the difference intiming beween catkin pollen-shed and nutlet flower receptivity is such that they are unlikely to self-pollenize.
Pollen is wind-carried, so if there are other hickories in the area, they will get the job done. If you've got the space, I'd plant at least 2-3.

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