Passion fruit

ack01April 13, 2013

Hi guys, I was looking into growing passion fruit. After looking at the diffrent type of vines I noticed the grape leaf passion fruit. I have the very same vine growing like crazy in my back yard already! however it has never produced any fruit at all. I live in central / south florida zone 9B. Any tips or tricks on getting it to fruit would be appreciated.

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Don't know what variety you are talking about (post pics in the passiflora forum on GW) but many varieties need cross pollination. For self-fruitful kinds (I have a p.edulis) I use a small paintbrush to increase fruit size/set.

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Is P.edulis good tasting?I have a P.incarnata that I'm going to try to fruit.Ever try it? Thanks,Brady
Nice website,by the way.

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Yeah, it's one of my favorite fruits, very unique sweet/tart taste. I like to eat it out of hand seeds and all.

Never tried incarnata. I've heard it's very tart and you have to add sugar to it, good for making drinks.

Thanks for compliment...there is a video of my passionfruit somewhere on there :)

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The variety is called vitifolia. I did a little research and it looks like the quality of the fruit is poor at best... That stinks cause the vine I have is HUGE. I will post follow up questions on the passiflora forum. Ty

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