Triazicide damage apricot?

ltiltonApril 17, 2012

OK, I admit I overcoddle my apricots. I managed to kill one once by spraying it with I know not what.

But last week I sprayed the stone fruits against PC, and within a day or two I saw some of the leaves curling inward along the longitudinal axis. Now I see some burning on the margins of a few leaves.

There's nothing like this going on on the apricot I didn't spray because it's not fruiting, or on the aprium. Could it be the triazicide?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Yes it certainly could be. I've seen leaf damage from liquid insecticides. It may be the non active ingredients needed to make a good spray solution more so than the active ingredient.

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I assume that's why proper dosage is very important.

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Very true, ramble. More isn't always better.

I REALLY don't want to kill another apricot. They seem particularly susceptible.

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I just sprayed my Harglow Apricot last week after 70% petal fall ( ( also mixed a bit of Immunox in the batch). All is well. I just followed the directions on the bottle. The only thing I see happening are the very fine cob webs on the tree (all trees). I thought triazicide killed insects 'upon contact'. Not all insects I guess. Mrs. G

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