Will Korean Giant and Shinko cross pollinate each other?

jessicasallylApril 23, 2010

I'm planning to purchase two asian pear trees for my backyard.

I've read that KG and Shinko are the two most resistent to fire blight. I want to buy those two for that purpose but I wasn't sure if they would cross pollinate each other. I have no other pear trees nor do any of my neighbors have it. Can I safely plant those to for sucessful production?

Also, are bareroot fruit trees better for planting? or potted trees better?

Thank you!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Jessica, according to the Raintree site (see link below) the KG doesn't pollinate many things, but I think its because its an earlier bloom so it may in fact work OK most years. Re: Shinko, that pear for me is bitter and not very sweet so I am going to chop mine down if it doesn't get any better. Apparently other people do get good fruits off of it, just not me. I would instead recommend a Yoinashi which is an excellent pear (and, it will also be pollen compatible with KG according to Raintree). Yoinashi is about like KG in terms of fireblight resistance; Shinko is the most resistant.

Bareroot trees tend to be cheaper and also cheaper shipping so I nearly always go that route. In a few weeks the potted ones start to be preferred because it will be getting too late for bareroot planting. Potted can be transplanted year-round.


Here is a link that might be useful: Asian pear pollination chart

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In my yard the two are planted together with no other pears around and pollinate each other just fine. The was the frist year they both bloomed. The Korean Giant has had some fireblight while the shinko has not.

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