Strawberries from root

victory_gardener88April 15, 2013

Hey all! I'm fairly new at growing things, used to help my mom out with her gardens, but haven't done anything on my own...until now :D
I'm very excited, and have been having stellar results with everything I've planted/sprouted so far, except for my strawberries. I bought a bag of strawberry roots from the store a few weeks ago, and just planted them last weekend. Unlike the Dinnerplate Dahlias that I planted from roots, these aren't coming up! The roots were very bunched together, and though I could see the tops of the baby plants, I didn't try to separate them because I didn't want to hurt them.
They are in a good potting soil, mixed with an organic "starting soil", and I'm keeping everything damp at least, but still no growth.
HELP! I really want to see the lil guys take off... what can I do?!

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Dig them all up and separate them now, hoping they're still dormant. If they start to grow, they'll be even more tangled up.

Strawberries should be planted 8" to a foot apart.

That "baby plant" is called the crown. You need to plant so that the bottom of the crown is exactly at the soil line - not buried, not sticking up high so the roots show.

Then give them some time to start growing without being too impatient.

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Thank you! How can I separate them without damaging the roots?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Just hold the plantlets and pull them apart. They can take a few broken roots.

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