Bare Root Straw/raspberries when will I see life

captivatedlife(5/Denver)April 10, 2012

I am very new at this urban homesteading thing (also known as gardening in this case, ahem!).

April 1 I planted bare root rhubarb/strawberries. April 8 I planted bare root raspberries. When will I see signs of life? Green, soft stuff? How long does it take?

I'm asking because on march 22 (20 days or so ago) I planted bare root asparagus and see no sign of life so I'm starting to freak out....


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I wouldn't worry about it yet. I planted raspberries last year and it took a long time for them to start growing. Remember, most plant will put energy into growing roots first before they sprout up. In WI, we've gotten more seasonal weather again, so it is rather colder than March was. That will slow plants down a bit, too. Sorry I can't be specific as to how many days, since I don't remember exactly and there are lots of variables that would make your situation different from mine. Good luck!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the process is all wrapped up in soil temperature ... soil warmth.. and a few warm days to you.. does not mean any appreciable warmth has gotten and STAYED in the soil ... especially with cold z5 nights ...

when the soil warms enough, thru out the entire root zone ... and does not cool at night ... so as to start root development.. then the plants will react.. by extending above ground.. so it can photosynthesize.. sunlight.. to feed the roots.. etc ..

simple enough ...

in my z5 ... mid may???? ... especially on new transplants ... stuff that has been there all winter.. might start faster ...

this basically means.. that your EARLY planted plants.. are in suspended animation in your z5 right now ...


ps: ass-per-gas .. is extremely late to come up.. because of its deep root system .. on established plants ...

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Thanks for all the responses! We're still with early spring temperatures. With my lot it's been almost a month since I've had freezing temperatures and the average daily high is 68/69 - however that makes it just spring temps not summer! My raspberries are coming back from last year (like crazy!) but I just need to be patient.


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