Toka Plum Pruning

canadianplantApril 23, 2012

**please let me know if the link does not work for you. In the past it has worked for me, but no one else with some pics.

In the link supplied, is a Toka plum I bought. Its about 10 feet tall, and seems all around healthy, and also has a pretty good root system. The problem is that I dont think the way it has been pruned is "proper". The way I see it, the whole top half needs to go.

Any suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: toka plum

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ok, so after even more reading, and a dozen different search queries, Ive come to the conclusion, that the odd top growth, is there to help aid the browth of the lower branches. It seems like im going to have to cut JUST above them (turns out the center trunk is at the perfect angle to be cut, I now see why its grown this way). That, plus the removal of a few of th elower branches is what I need to get it into shape.

The problem now, is that most of the pruning is recommended to be done in late winter, namely before or just at bud swell. As you can see in the pic, there is leaves and flowers already. Its not to late to prune it? SHould I wait till I plant it to prune, or do it while its in the pot?

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