peach tree bud questions with pictures

JohnnysapplesApril 19, 2013

My peach trees have had white cotton looking buds before the snow even melted. Now it looks like they turned brown and shrunk on some. One of my peach trees still has the swallen buds. I'm just wondering if they have frost dammage. The wierd thing is they changed from cotton to brown durring the warmer weather. I also have something going on on one of the trunks. Is this fire blight? Picture to come. First picture is of cotton looking buds.

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these used to look like the others.

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I sprayed black fruit wood spray on it last fall. It looked more like the bottom when I sprayed it. Then this spring I pealed off the bark some.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Peaches don't get fire blight. But they do get bacterial canker.

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fireduck(10a) covered a few subjects...Late freezes can damage fruit blossoms. Perhaps this is what happened to your early bloomers??? Also, the older/damaged tree may be giving up. Peach trees are NOT longlived trees. Fungal infections are definately a concern for peach growers, also.

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The trees were just planted last year. That is the tree trunk. I havent gone threw a budding stage with them since I bought them last spring with the leaves out already. I was looking at the buds again. I think they actualy went from one silver bud to a seperated silver bud. Then when looking at them I see the brown between what was one bud split into two now. Do they open up into two buds like a duck bill with his mouth open?
I am worried about the freeze tonight. We are supposed to get down to 29 deg! Will that be bad at the stage they are in?

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Hmm. . . your tree does not look very healthy. It needed spray last spring, summer and fall and then again this spring. That trunk is in fairly bad shape. You might need a new tree.

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