Pic of white pomegranate in southern Iran

persianmd2orchardApril 14, 2012

Tastes good even though was stored for like 4 months before I got to it... most unique part was there was virtually zero white rind core stuff dividers inside. 99% arils no joke. Smaller fruit than it looks like in the pic--tennis ball sized but enough arils to satisfy 2 people. Red color inside more striking when fresh. I never knew white pomegranates taste good.

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Never heard of them!

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

We have white poms here, ltilton. Utah Sweet is considered a "white" pomegranate. You can find them at several different online sources, Willis Orchards sells them I know.

Patty S.

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plant the seeds!

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Patty, I've tried white poms here, but this was the first white pom that blew me away. Have you had similar experience with crazy high aril:white corky stuff ratio in the whites here? Some of the cold hardy Russian origin varieties are actually on the whiter side too but I don't think they share this high density aril trait? Gave me hope for trying more whites again here.

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

Definitely try to get some seeds through next time to try to plant! :)
I may go visit some family this or next year around pomegranate time.
Where can I find this variety lol :).

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This variety is in Kazeroon in southern Iran 1-2hours outside Shiraz. However, if you get almost any pomegranate variety from the south or from Saveh (most well known place for pomegrantes) you will be ok. Just make absolute sure it's not an imported pomegranate as some low quality mass produced fruit as flooded the markets in recent times akin the mass produced grocery store fruit here. Anything actually grown locally in the south is more expensive, harder to find, but well worth it. Just take someone with you who knows the market and can find the good rare stuff. I have no clue, one of my uncles is into fruit like crazy so he has the old time orchard connections to get the goods. If I try to buy fruit in Iran alone it ends up usually not being much better than the stuff here these days.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

Damn that thing is MEATY!

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