Legacy blueberry pollination

ikea_gwApril 23, 2012

Does anyone know if I need a specific type of blueberry bush to pollinate Legacy? I believe Legacy is a cross between northern and southern high bush so I am not sure if both northern or southern high bush will pollinate it successfully.

Thanks for your help!

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Most of what I've been reading is putting it into the Southern Highbush category.Brady

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Legacy will do well into zone 5. Late mid-season pollinators. In SW mi, Jersey, Elliott, would be my pollinators of choice. What zone are you in?

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antlers(IL Zone 5)

I am in Zone 5. I have a four year old Legacy that I planted in a large pot. I use it as my pollinator and when things are in full bloom move it around to help pollinate other varieties that I have in-ground since they are scattered around my property not near each other. It works great and the Legacy obviously benefits also. This year it is loaded. My other varieties include BlueRay, Draper, Elliott and Toro. BTW, I purchased this bush from Hartmann's directly from their farm in SW Michigan. I assume that they deal only with northern highbushes due to their location. Legacy has shown to be winter hardy in a pot, all I do is move it up closer to my house near the front door where it gets a little more shelter. It retains it's leaves through winter so we throw a strand of Christmas lights on it and it blends in with everything else in our entryway. Also love the flavor. Very dark blue berry.

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Noogy, I am in zone 7a.

So it sounds like two of you use northern highbush but Brady says it is often categorized as a southern highbush. Maybe both types will fertilize Legacy then?

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Yup. It's a tough Northern/Southern hybrid.

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I read somewhere that Oneal and Magnolia are recommended pollinators for Legacy. I can't remember the website, it may have been Fall Creek Nursery. I am using Bluecrisp as a pollinator, since it has a similar chill hour rating at 500 hrs.

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Most (all?) species of blueberries are theoretically capable of cross pollinating any other species. In practice, though, they need to have overlapping blooming times. "Southern highbush" isn't a separate species - genetically, it's mostly northern highbush crossed with one or more southern species of blueberries such as V. darrowi in order to adapt the highbush blueberry to southern climates. An interesting side-effect of the hybridizing process resulted in berries that are less tart than their pure-bred northern cousins. Consequently, southern highbush have been cross-bred with northern varieties in order to produce specimens that are well adapted to the middle climate zones, to improve the flavor, etc.

Ozark blue is a complex hybrid produced by crossing a southern highbush (itself a hybrid) with a northern highbush; this results in lower percentage of its genes being "southern" than with a typical southern highbush. It's well adapted to the southern edge of northern highbush range. Legacy blueberry is the same concept - it's a cross of Elizabeth, one of the very best tasting northern varieties with a small amount of southern genes.

Legacy, due to its very long blooming time, is recommended to pollinate late blooming rabbiteyes such as Desoto or Columbus. It also works well for most middle to late blooming northern highbush or southern highbush.

I hope that helps.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Great info Erik. I didn't know Legacy could pollinate rabbiteye. I wanted to get a Pink Lemonade but was worried about pollinators. Sounds like my Legacy could help out! PL again is one of those extremely mixed blueberries. Looking at lineage it is very complex with every type in the lineage.

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That really was great info, Erik. Especially interesting to me as I have Legacy. Thanks.

Edited to add: My Legacy will be going into its third growing season. No flowers the first two years. I've read that Legacy can be slow to bear. Has this been others experience as well? I have three rabbiteye types and Chandler, which all produced in their first or second year.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

I can't remember the size of mine when first purchased,but almost certain there was some fruit the second year.When they start growing,growth happens fairly quickly.
The one in the photo,taken today,is about five feet and three years old I think.There is about a foot above the top of the picture that couldn't fit in. Brady

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