What to do about Pears

FarmerJonesApril 29, 2012

In 1975 I planted 9 Biscamp and Lacounte pears. After a few years I got a crop every year without spraying, fertilizing or watering. Hurricane Rita took out the last couple of trees still standing. Now that I have planted again I have discovered that there are a large number of sprays to be applied several times during the season. Can someone tell me what needs to be sprayed and when. My pears are Orient, Moonglow and Biscamp. I also need some help with the citrus. I have some Bonide dormant oil and Bonide citrus, fruit & nut as well as some Hy Yield lime sulpur. Is all this enough? Some are saying not to mix dormant oil and sulfur.

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You never sprayed before. Do you need to now, or has someone just told you that you need to?
I don't spray ANY pear - they mostly don't need it; and that's a driving force in largely abandoning or taking out most of the apples and all the stonefruits I planted early on; pears will produce heavy crops of mostly good, if not perfect, fruits with little care and no spraying.

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