arbor day cherry rootstock

thomis(7)April 26, 2012

I called Arbor Day to inquire what their "dwarf" rootstock is that they graft Montmorecny and Early Richmond to. They told me it's prunus besseyi (aka sand cherry). I looked it up and it's a North American native bush type wild cherry. Does anyone have any experience trying fruiting cherry varieties grafted on this rootstock?

They said their standard rootstock is Mahaleb.

I know they ship tiny trees so I don't need to hear about that.

Thanks, thomis

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alcedo 4/5 W Europe

IMO Prunus besseyi and Cherries are not compatible ?

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Are you saying they are not compatible or are you asking if they are compatible? You are throwing me off with your question mark at the end of your statement.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Interesting Thom!
I never knew they were compatible, I have grafted plums in the past, I guess next step is to try cherries.

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I want to bump this to see if I can get some better info on the prunus besseyi (aka sand cherry) rootstock.

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