How to control Raspberry spread?

curtis(5)April 29, 2014

My Heritage Raspberry bush does quite well. To keep it in bounds I have been digging out the violators and giving them away. Of course this makes a mess of the grass and I have set up everyone who wants them. There is the commonly seen plastic edging with the round top, I only find that in 4" depth. Is that enough for Raspberry runners? I can get something from the sheet metal shop if deeper is needed. Any issue with the galvanizing in in the soil regards to organic or etc ?

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I have to constantly dig out runners. I guess if one keeps cutting them they will give up? My raised bed is 12 inches high, and they have no problem going down 12 inches to escape into the lawn or other beds. So 12 inches isn't enough. They not only have to go down 12 inches, they have to come up 12 inches to emerge in the other beds, Seems they have no problems doing that.

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I grow Boyne and also a yellow variety (maybe Honeyqueen?). Both put out lots of runners, I just dig them out or cut them off, as required. You could switch to one of the non-suckering varieties. Or just accept the runners as free plants to fill in any holes in the row.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

They sell 1' borders that I know works for some people. It may not work in combination with raised beds since those have such loose soil; by 1' down in normal soil things are getting pretty high on the clay scale and not where raspberry roots go.

I keep that cheap ground timber lumber around my bed and mow off any growing out of it. There is no extra work because the lawn mower does it all in the course of doing its regular job.


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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Although my beds look nice, next time I build raspberry beds I will leave them isolated from other beds. As with Scott, mowing works for me, but presently they are going in other beds, which is the problem.
The good news is I should get well over 1000 berries this year! Yeah!! My first black raspberries, looking forward to them. Speaking of which keep it quiet but Nource Farms has Niwot primocane fruiting blacks, probably not on web site, but a fellow poster here, got an order in. Selling in lot's of 5 for $24.50. I have one from Henry Fields (sold out now)
in ground doing well. very small though, i should have waited for Nourse! I paid about that for one 2 inch plant!
I just want it to grow enough to survive next winter. I don't expect any fruit this year, even though primocane, they thing is just too small, and others I have had that size did not fruit first year. Like Double Gold. I will get my first crop in the 3rd season Argh! Planted fall of 2012, primocanes were too late last year, frost came before berries ripened! Now floricanes look excellent and should give me a large summer crop! I'll get my first crop this year on some summer bearers, Taylor, Cascade Gold, Honey Queen, and Encore. Lot's of blackberries too, it's going to be a good year!

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