Red Jonaprince apple

alan haighApril 23, 2014

I just noticed that in my apple shipment from ACN were five Red Jonaprince trees. I figured it was simply a redder version of Jonagold, but reading patent information it is supposed to ripen 4 weeks ahead of standard Jonagold. It is also apparently higher brix and firmer. The description is that it is both "sweeter and more sour" than Jonagold.

I'm surprised Adams didn't note its earlier ripening date- the info must have slipped through the cracks.

Have any of you tried this one yet?

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Sounds fun harvestman I've never heard of it so please keep is in the loop on how it does.

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Wish I had room. Ever since I got my first Jonagolds off of one of my trees it's been one of my favorite apples. Surprised I don't see this on more Supermarket shelves.

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alan haigh

I just got an answer from ACN and their expert says it doesn't ripen before Jonagold but colors early.

Jonagold can be a tricky variety- on good years great but if it's too warm during ripening it doesn't develop very well- gets greasy, they say but also doesn't taste great.

I think some of the newer strains are better- not quite as big and firmer.

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I love Jonagold's. Before my small orchard they were my fav. 'u-pick' apple. They were huge, baked well and tasted great fresh or cooked. I can't wait to hear your report on this apple h-man. How many years before first harvest ? Mine took five years to produce three apples. It is a slow one. I wonder if Jonaprince will be a bit faster to produce? Mrs. G

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alan haigh

Agreed they are wonderful cooked and just a very nice sweet apple- they are also reliably productive if reasonably thinned.

I am also a huge fan of Jonathon, which were just amazing apples here last year.

I expect to have an answer on this one in 2-3 years.

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