Strawberry groundcover for grape trellis

jimla(Z6 PA)April 25, 2012

I have about 100 feet of trellised grapes. It gets weedy beneath them unless I spray. Can I plant strawberries as a groundcover to make use of the space? I think I saw on this forum that someone does that. If so what are the pros and cons relative to the berry and grape culture?


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Strawberries need full sun to become sweet. If you're planting for fruit as well as groundcover, you may be disappointed.

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jimla(Z6 PA)

Good point, I'll check on sunlight hour needs. The trellis is oriented north south with full southern exposure and the bottom wire is 3.5 feet above. Full leaf out does not happen until mid may and by then the strawberries should be set and well on their way to ripening. Thanks.

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If you try this, please let us know about the quality of the berries you get. The first year you probably won't get many berries, so we may have to wait a year to find out. Thanks.

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tedgrowsit(6b PA)

I actually have some everbearing strawberries growing under grape vines. The timing is fine. The grapes are just beginning to grow leaves and the strawberries are flowering right now. The berries we have harvested in the past have been quite fine. A bit of grape pruning may be needed if they become overly ambitious at blocking the sunlight. This has been a compatible combination for us. Ted

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