Mara des Bois vs Sunlight/heat

chloeashaApril 19, 2012

Alright, one more quick question. I've decided I would like to order Mara des Bois from Nourse. I've got a north-facing recessed balcony (yuck) and I have hung boxes off the railing. They will get 2-2.5 hours of sun in the morning and then about the same in the evening, so a minimum of 4 hours of total FULL sun. The rest of the time they are in bright shade, but still shade nonetheless. I know this will diminish fruiting, but is it enough to make the yield unbearably low to non-existent? Part of the reason I had chosen MdB was that it is listed as tolerating partial shade.

Fraise des Bois was another I was looking at, but I thought mara would be better.

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The heat part which I somehow forgot in the original post is that we are pretty hot here in the Delta, with high humidity all summer. Last summer we had almost 60 days around 100* although not quite for most of them. So I was thinking it could be to their advantage to be shaded from the midday sun as well...

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Hi, I responded to your second post. But 'Mara des Bois' which I've been growing for the past four years need sun, FULL sun. If not, they will die. Sorry.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I grew MdB for several years in various degrees of sun and shade. With four hours you won't get nearly as much fruit but I don't see any reason they would die; I had some in about that much sun. Do make sure you keep them perfectly weed-free and heavily thinned so there is no overlap between plants.


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Thanks guys! How much space do you think they will need? They will be easy to keep weed free as they're going to be in my window boxes 3 floors up :)

I e-mailed Nourse who said 4 hours will work although yes, as I supposed, it will just diminish fruiting.

Already today I had to move back my partial shade plants from the railing as they had begun to burn under the sun which is increasing :) So hopefully the little experiment will work!

Thanks again,

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Sorry what I meant by die, is they will not make it through a winter. Mrs. G

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