Do you stake your berries?

christinmk z5b eastern WAApril 22, 2013

I'm contemplating putting raspberries, blackberries, and a Tayberry in my front yard. I've had a raspberry patch out back for awhile, but have never bothered to stake/train the canes in any way since they aren't very long (as in comparison to blackberries).

I'm curious to know if you guys stake or train your plants on a frame and what it looks like (pics very welcome). What is your method, what is the longevity of the structure, and how has it worked out for you overall? It just dawned on me that if I staked the plants they wouldn't take up quite as much room as far as width. Duh. Lol.
Thanks much!

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ahajmano(sunset 23, Mission Viejo CA)

I use a two tiered trellis system. First tier has catch wires at 24" elevation, 2 foot separation. Next tier is at 5' elevation, 4' seperation. This allowes the vines to "fall" on given catch wires. I tie a weight to each cane an sting it up onto the wire if the cane does not reach naturally. I can send a picture this evening.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

It depends what you are growing. I don't trellis my raspberries but I do trellis the blackberries. I am only growing trailing and semi-erect type blackberries, the erect types need no trellis.


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