m106 for scion grafting

ligrowerApril 19, 2012

I am going to purchase an apple tree from a local Agway nursery. The trees come from Hollybrook Orchard and I have learned that their trees are on m 106 rootstock.

The reason I am getting this tree is to graft scion on to it. I ordered to many varieties to put on my existing tree. I realize the root stock determines most of the height but will the apple variety also have an impact on the overall size of the tree? I would like to have less summer pruning. The varieties they have are Cortland, Granny Smith and red Delicious. There are a few other locations I can visit. Is there a variety/trunk that would be best suited for grafting?

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You are correct in the vigor of the apple variety having an
impact on height also. I cannot vouch for granny smith as
our season is not long enough for it, but cortland and red delicious are both very vigorous varieties. Years ago I worked at an orchard with red delicious on M26 and was surprised to find them 12' tall! Cortland on 111 and 106
was very tall too. Yet the jonathan on M7 was so wimpy we
cut them down as they runted out and never filled out the block properly. We ended up re-planting jonathan on 111
since such a wimpy grower.

M106 is very prone to collar rot in my area. I prefer M111. Perhaps not an issue in your area of the country.

Most orchardists will use many types of rootstocks depending on the vigor of the variety. Usually varieties with low vigor or selections that are spur-type are put on
a more agressive rootstock.

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Thanks for the feedback Spartan. I have two other apple trees from laurel bay on 111 and another from Henry Leuthardt on unknown. From my limited experience and others who have posted I do not believe root rot will be an issue. I think that i will chose a vigorous variety because when I cut the scaffolds and graft them I do not want competition for central leader. I Have 6 scion varieties:

gold rush
ginger gold
arkansas black
grimes golden
williams pride

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