Blueberries - help!

Raw_Nature(5 OH)April 4, 2013

I am looking for advice and opinions about how I plan on growing blueberries before I jump into it and find out I mad abhuge mistake..

I have a 5 foot wide by 80 ft row oriented east to west, gets great sun(more than 6 hours). I have clay soil roughly 6.5 pH.. What I planned on doing was:

-not tilling the native soil
-just installing a raised bed filled with compost an peat moss
-spacing the blueberries 4 foot on center
- irrigating with acidic water(roughly 6-6.5 pH)..
- I have a filter that filters chlorine and makes water acidic for your skin, it's a shower filter..

The row is 80 foot, I planned on doing half the row blueberries(40 foot/4 foot spacing= 10 blueberries... The other 40 foot I would like other fruiting shrubs spacing at roughly 4 foot or similar.. I ordered honey berries,gooseberries,one red/black currant, and a jostaberry, I also have goji berries but from my understanding they would not do good(to big) in this hedglike growing row.. Any other fruiting shrubs that i should plant? I'm mainly looking for fresh eating..

I need 10 blueberries.. I already have:

Early ripening:
1x earlieblue

Mid ripening:
1x bluecrop
2x rubel

Late ripening:

That's 6 blueberries i already have, I need 4 more! Any one have any gold varieties you recommend.. As you could see I'm trying o extend the season by getting early,mid, late ripening varieties.. I heard that the early is at danger of late frost killing the blooms and ruining the yield,that's why I am wary about getting more early varies.. Any one notice this to be true? Any advice?

I really appreiate all the help,

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Northern highbush blueberry shrubs are generally resistant to late frost. I am not saying that the flowers are "frost-proof," but I have seen our shrubs exposed to night-time lows around 28 degrees F, and the flowers do OK. The varieties I am growing are Patriot, Bluecrop, Northblue, and Friendship.

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I would add Reka to your list, it's a great plant, heavy producer, puts up lots of new canes unlike other varieties like chandler. Make sure you get a good amount of peat in your soil mix and some pine bark if you can find it. Jersey has grown well for me but the plants have an odd growth pattern that requires some staking and thinning.


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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

Great, my local store sells tons of reka, almost exclusively all reka.. So you guys think not tilling the soil and making raised beds with lots of peat sounds like a good idea? Any other blueberry varieties recommended? How about any fruiting shrub in general?

Thanks for the feedback,

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There are others I like,Bluegold,Bluejay,Blueray,Darrow and Spartan.If I had to pick two of these,it'd be the latter ones.
From your list Raw Nature,that's a good start right now. Brady

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