peach & apple tree didn't bloom ?

acieApril 13, 2012

Peach tree.

I have a peach tree that is about 6-7' tall. It looks healthy. However, last year and this year, it put out pink buds but it never bloomed(the flowers never opened).

Apple tree.

I bought a young golden apple tree 3 years ago. It is now about 6' tall. Last year it produced 3-4 blooms. The apples stayed very very small (think miniature) I removed them in the fall. I figured that it was too young, and its brances are still very thin.

However, this year not a single bloom happened. It did grow leaves fine, however. Could I have caused damage by removing the apples in the fall or should I have let them natuarally fall of the tree ?

I'm more concerned with the peach tree because I think the apple tree is still very young.

I have another similar peach tree that has bloomed last year and this year.

Any thoughts?



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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

A couple of things. Are they getting enough sun?

The second is it sounds like the apple tree maybe a crab apple.

What varieties do you have?

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

Sometimes a cold snap in weather can cause newly swelled green buds to stop growing and fall off. Have you had any abnormally cold nights lately? Did you get anxious and over fertilize and water? Maybe the tree is still too young??

Im having somewhat of the same problem with my tree. Im at "bud burst" green bud right now. I have ONE BUD that is growing or even open and green. Im waiting to see if it will bloom or fall off. My tree is only 3 years old though. Im not sure if that matters but I have heard some young trees will bloom or partially bloom then drop flowers.

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The trees get plenty of sun 6+ hrs. I didn't overfertilize. In addition to the above, I have two other peach tress and a granny smith apple, and two pear trees. All of them look healthy and blooming.

I did have the cold night a couple of weeks ago. But the other trees bloomed anyway..

What the heck is a crabapple?

thanks for the feedback.

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Uhm..........a crabapple is just a small (sometimes) ornamental form of apple tree. Old fashioned crabapples were larger and used for jelly making because they're high in pectin. But of course crabapples bloom too. What he was getting at is if the apples looked miniature and persisted on the tree, it may have been mislabeled and be a crab.

Flower buds sometimes abort and some pests can prevent a bud from opening.

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Dear Acie, I'm with you! I lost a plum, and my white nectarine started blooming (we had a frost) and all of the buds are brownish gray and look dead, as does the tree. Will wait until my new trees arrive to give it a chance. Look for signs of tiny green leaves. Mrs. G

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I have a similar problem this year. I have a mature Mac that is blooming and a 4th year macoun that I let bear last year that has good growth but no flowers. Perhaps I over taxed it last year?

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