Stark's Big Blue plum

ltiltonApril 2, 2014

Anyone familiar with this variety?

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Just that it used to be only offered by Miller's nursery until they were sold to Starks.

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So now I assume it's only offered by Starks

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Normally, I'm wary of oversized fruits, I don't suppose there's any reason to suppose this one would be different.

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I have one which I planted in the spring of 2012 from Millers but it hasn't fruited for me yet. It was sent to me in Apr. and I did take a pic. of it around June of that year. The central leader was cut at 3'4" above the graft union and it did have some short side branches on it. Last year I didn't have to do any pruning it, it didn't need any and has a nice natural goblet shape to it. This year I'll have to do some thinning and heading cuts to it since it's around 6' tall now. As far as taste goes even if it did fruit...I don't know since it's the only euro. plum I currently have planted. Hoping to plant another type of euro plum this year.

p.s. yes it does have mulch around it shortly after planting it though not in the pic. ;)

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Nice looking tree. Of course it's the quality of the fruit that really interests me, but despite my misgivings about Starks, I've never had a complaint about the quality of any tree I got from them.

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