Apricot grafts took!

marknmtApril 2, 2013

A big "Whee" moment for me- I finally got a few of these to callous over and it looks like they are viable. I'm forcing them and will see what happens. Apparently I had my best success with chip budding and nearly struck out with conventional budding. A couple of the chips were on surprisingly small stock.

I've fought with grafting apricots several times and it never worked. I finally learned here that it has to be warm for them to callous properly. I had gotten spoiled with apple and pear.

My rootstock was Marianna from a purchased apricot that had winter-killed; the rootstock voluntarily stooled and gave me a little working material. The budstock was from local unknown trees that seem to do well here and produce good fruit.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Nice going!! I hope they grow out well for you. I'm like you I have to force myself to think about temperature, callusing, and all that with both rooting and grafting. It's more natural to think technique and getting the wood stored properly. But it all has to come together to work.

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