Opinions wanted: KGRO All-Purpose Plant Food

TheoryOfGravityApril 18, 2013

Hey everyone,

I'd been voraciously reading about fertilizers from all the good and experienced orchard people here. I'm a budding (ha!) mostly container orchard keeper myself:

In-ground avocado
Container almonds
Container grapes
Container blackberries
Container blueberries
Container Dwarf/Ultra-Dwarf citrus, stone, and pome fruit

I hadn't fertilized at all since planting last year. Mostly everything is growing & fruiting and I'd prefer organic, but I understand the orchard might have to go on water soluble until it can get on a proper schedule for organic to take effect. I went on a search for a locally available fertilizer. Not wanting to be a label-snob at my mini-orchard's peril, I stopped into KMart for their private label garden products and found what my novice eyes sees as a great 3-1-2 formulation with particular minerals that I can't seem to find at the more mainstream places:

KGRO All-Purpose Plant Food
For Vegetables, Houseplants, Roses, Tomatoes, Trees, Evergreens, Flowers, Shrubs, Fruits and Berries
Water Soluble

All water soluble:
.05% - Copper
.10% - Iron
.05% - Manganese
.05% - Zinc

Based on not wanting to order fertilizer and also minimizing a complicated fertilizer program (at least for this first year):

What do you think of the formulation for berry/citrus/nuts/pome/stone trees?
Would you trust it for safety?
Do you know anything about "Knox Fertilizer Co" who makes this for K-Mart?
If this is good, how long should I use it until I transition to organic?
Would you still supplement for any type of fruit in particular?
(Avocado, almonds, apples, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, citrus, grape, nectarine)

Here is the back of the 1.5lb (680g) package:
(the granules look like MiracleGro)

Here is a link that might be useful: KMart's link

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I've used KGRO before with good results. I don't know if I'd use it for fruit or nut trees, though. Most recommendations for fruiting trees only call for one or two applications of fertilizer per year. You'd have to use this much more often, and might end up overdoing it.

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I have used K-grow formulation for liquid application before. Primarily on tea roses and annuals. Yes it worked fine. A visitor who saw my roses even remarked
how lovely they were and that I must have access to some 'special" fertilizer not available to the general public. How suprized they were when I revealed my secret fertilizer was k-grow.

I did find that since the nitrogen source is primarily urea,
it takes about 2 weeks after application to see any results. Urea must be broken down into a nitrogen form the plants can use. This product is slower to show any results but the cheaper price justified it for me. Just have a little patience when using it.

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I noticed that the nitrogen breakdown includes some in nitrate form. Blueberries do NOT like nitrates, I used a similar concoction on my BBs and now on their 4th year I am just getting a few berries on my stunted plants after realizing the nitrate issue and stopping the use of that fert. BTW I had also used Aluminum Sulfate to acidize the soil for first 2 yrs (recommended by the high end nursery I was shopping in as appropriate for blueberries) so I do realize all my woes are not soley due to nitrates,

Thought I'd mention it,

Pam in cinti

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