What to plant blueberry bush near?

rjhouse27April 25, 2007

I recently bought a lowbush blueberry bush and am really excited about it. I am aware of the acidy requirements so I am not sure where to place the plant in my garden - I don't want to kill any trees, perennials, etc due to the acidy. What plants do well as "companion plants"? Or at least won't die when a blueberry near a blueberry bush. Thanks!

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I don't know what zone you're in but camelia, azalea, rhododendron, holly, hydrangea, pieris.

Raspberry are relatively acid loving too, but prob too invasive to plant nearby.

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Opps! Zone 5 - Western PA - though I am convinced some parts of my yard are zone 6 and others zone 4! Thanks for your response.

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billv(z6 WVA)

I would say 5-6 more blueberry bushes, but that's just me.

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Are they ok by pine trees? - I like the idea of a plant making the soil acidic naturally and the plants have a happy, symbiotic relationship. I would think that some pines make the soil acidic, but I am not sure...do any other plants do this? Also, while I'm at it, do blueberries make the soil acidic or just take the acid from the soil? As you can probably tell, I am rather new to this and don't know of what I am speaking. Please help. Thanks.

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Most plants grow in specific conditions rather than causing those conditions to change to much extent. You'll need to acidify the soils for the blueberries if you don't have proper conditions.

If you underplant blueberries, you just have to ensure to water well, they are shallow rooted.

We've grown our blueberries with all the above. I also plant them at the foot of mature trees with hosta as they take the shade as long as I provide summer water.

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How do you make the soil acidic? I have two blueberry bushes ready to plant. What flowers or herbs can be planted with them?

And how many years before you get blueberries? One plant is a baby, only several inches high. The second plant is older, a couple feet high.

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Oh - good to know! Are there any plants (perennials) that I should avoid planting near by? Can I only alter Ph by that plant or would it "leak" out to many feet around the plant? Thanks!

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bump--I have this question too, specifically which annuals would do well?

(kind of cross-posted, also asked a simliar question in the annuals forum, hope that's okay)

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How are blueberries around tree roots? I started digging a place for one blueberry about 8-10 feet from a large tree and ran into tree roots. Will the tree roots affect the blueberry bush? Rob nutrients? Or will the acidified soil around the blueberry bush bother the tree any?

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Check out the message "Currants and Blueberries in Container?". I have my blueberries in large pots under a tree, where they get morning to noon sun and shelter from the hot afternoon sun, have a good acid soil, and don't have to compete with tree roots. It's not hard to move them as the sun pattern changes over the year, if necessary. Southmoon is giving me the best flavor and size right now, but the pot is further away from the tree, gets more sun.
More blueberry plants make the best companion planting. Then there's enough for you and the birds. A territorial bluebird and several mockingbirds guard the bushes from each other in my yard, and an occasional squawk is heard as one chases the other off.

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The best way to acidify soil is to add sulfur. This may help to make the site more hospitable to blueberries. Leafs turning red is a sign that the soil is still too sweet. I am also wondering what plants might do well with a blueberry crop It seems like something with a deep root system would work well. Possibly a dynamic accumulator. Sterile comfrey works well in this role rooting in deep and bring up nutrients while also providing a living mulch and attracting beneficial insects. Good luck and let me know if anyone knows of a good and function companion for the shallow rooted vaccinium. Best

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

lilacs of may, you should plan to pinch blooms/new fruit for a couple growing seasons after planting to allow the roots to get string. have seen some here advocate leaving a FEW blossoms for a handful of berries the first couple eyars. I can't say to that one way or another.

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