Blackberry ?

m1chaelApril 9, 2014

I have had this blackberry plant now going on the third season (IIRC), and just curious if I should trim / prune the two stems that are shown in the pics?


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Here is a second pic of the plant in case its needed.


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The canes that emerge one year will produce fruit the next year, then die. Any canes that emerged last year will be your fruiting canes this year so don't prune those unless the tips are dead or you need to shorten them for some reason. Canes that produced fruit for you last year should be dead this year and can be removed.

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Thanks for the explanation...I think the cane that emerged last year is good and still alive because I can start to see buds all the way up and down the cane. So I guess I will leave that alone and hopefully it will produce some berries:)

Is it weird that my plant only has one or two canes? I thought it would grow into more of a bush....

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Probably because it is constrained in a pot. They can get huge so need a lot of room for their roots. Here's a Chester blackberry plant in its second year in my garden. The fence is 6 feet high:

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Jack, that's great, but we're growing blackberries, not oranges. And I'm thinking oranges aren't going to do very well for me, what with snow on the ground for 5 months each winter....

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