Are you plum trees already awake? (Massachusetts))

galinas(5B)April 30, 2014

I have two plum trees - one is about to open leaves. Another one (Stanley) looks like in the middle of the winter... It is 4 years old tree, last year gave some fruit first time. Are all your plums already awake in zone 5? Do you think I lost this tree due to the harsh winter?

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Up here in NW ontario the buds are just starting to swell. The cherry trees around toronto were nice and fast last week when we traveled through.

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Not in MA but same zone as you. Asian plums just starting to flower but Stanley only getting green tips. It's always the last tree to bloom.

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I have two varieties of Asian plums. One has swollen buds with green showing and the other is still tight. I'm hoping it hurries up so they can pollenate each other. I'm sure my dormant one is fine because the bark looks green at the scion wood. I am in zone 6 but this winter put me in zone 5.

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I'm in RI and my European plum trees are just starting to show green (green tip) and my Italian plum will not be in flower for about two weeks. Yes this is late. Mrs. G

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I'm in zone 6a, Central MA. My two Japanese plum trees started to bloom on Mon, 4/28, surprisingly about the same time as last year. Other fruit trees are about 5-10 days behind comparing to last year.

I think plum, esp. Euro like Stanley, is supposed to be quite cold hardy for zone 5.

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Here in Maine, fruit trees have just started waking up after that long, cold winter. Most of my Japanese and hybrid plums are showing some swelling of the flower buds, the euros are a little behind them, and like you, my Stanley and others seem like they are still snoozing. Not much if any green showing on any.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Tiny embryo fruit over here. Fingers crossed the Jackdaws don't get them this year. My allotment neighbour was so keen to have more greengages from me he has strung CDs all over the tree. Not sure it will frighten the robbers though.

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I am really glad you asked this question. I have been worrying because my Santa Rosa plum is still completely dormant. I keep scratching the bark to make sure it is still green underneath. All my other trees are awake and blooming.

Western Pennsylvania

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I'm in Western PA, east of Pittsburgh, supposed zone 6a.

My Green Gage (Euro) plum started blooming on 4/22.

My 1st Japanese plum (all of these were planted last spring), Methley, started it's few blooms on 4/19, and the Ozark Premier and Starking Delicious on 4/22. My Santa Rosa had no blooms but is awake with green leafs budding out.

stac5455 - how old is your tree, and where are you located?

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My plum trees are always the first to bud out. The last two years they were loaded and got hit by a freeze.Though I am a lot father south than you are.

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Zone 7 Va here and my 2 plums (Shiro & Yellow Egg) bloomed about 3-4 weeks ago and now have pea to grape size plums. Organically sprayed them today and green loopers were dropping out of them like flies. Wish I could say the same for my 2 fig trees, they look like toast and both are 10 years old. Lowest temp here was 3F on two nights.

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Eboone- my Santa Rosa was put in last spring. It is only 4 ft tall.
I am in just south of Butler.

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Looks like my plum tree is not going to wake up. It was cold winter and it was growing in the spot with drainage problem(the problem occurred AFTER tree was planted due to a new driveway configuration). Now tree doesn't show any signs of life other then passing scratch test. All the buds(leaf and flower) are dry, and easy break off in the middle of the bud when you rub them.

Do you think it is still possible that it will emerge new leaf buds, or it is time for it to go?

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I'm in Southern Connecticut along the coast (6b). I have a 5 year old Euro Plum which is flowering for the first time, the petals are just staring to show. Are all the Euro varieties self fertile?

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