Keeping grape vines in containers temporarily

ozzz(5b AZ)April 26, 2012

I have a major backyard renovation going and I jumped the gun a bit and ordered three different grape vines.

I have so much going on Im not sure if I can get them planted in the ground for another month or so. Problem is its spring and I would like them to get as much growth this year as possible so they are quicker to get established and ultimately, quicker to produce fruit.

I have a trellis/arbor system planned out but wont be able to work on it for a month or so. The grape vines are very small as of now, can I plant them in 5 gallon buckets for the time being so that they can still develop root structure and growth, and then transplant them in the ground once I know where they will be permenantly located?

Is there any downfall to doing this that Im not aware of? I need to let them develop shoots anyway to select a permanent trunk so this might allow them to grow while Im getting things planned out.

Its possible I could plan out their permanent planting locations in the next week or so if I really had to, if it would be greatly more beneficial or something but if possible and it wouldnt stunt them that much Ild prefer to keep them in buckets.

Any suggestions?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Mine grow like weeds in pots. Just select a well draining soil mix. Then plant them out this fall or next spring with as much root as possible. You are really growing roots the first year. Next year whether planted in pots or ground it is usually best to cut them way back and rapidly grow the trunk the second year.

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Yes......I have a catawba up in my g'house now. Purchased it early for healthy stock and we've been getting nipping frosts. It's leafing out now and looks pretty healthy. Well draining is the key. I shall set mine out in about two weeks. It'll still be mild enough with ample rain and it should have some nice lateral roots.

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I prefer to start my bare root plants in pots because it gives me more control over conditions. Then I just plant them out after they've put on some nice growth.

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Yeah, they'll be fine in pots for a month or two. Even in the ground they won't show a whole heck of a lot of growth, that'll come next year after it spends all winter growing bigger roots. Then it will EXPLODE in new growth next spring.

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ozzz(5b AZ)

Awesome! Thanks so much for the input guys ... Ill just keep them in pots for now then!

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