anne rasp vs. others

queensinfoApril 16, 2013

My anne rasp hasn't started to grow yet (looks like bud sell maybe on one visible bud but no new canes), while my caroline and heritage have 1 to 1.5 ft of new growth with multiple new canes. Is it normal for anne to get going much later or am I going to be in the market for a new Anne?

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anne gets going a little later for me than everything except black raspberries. it is one of my latest to fruit though in the fall, october to early december. no problem in 9b san jose don't know if that is an issue in NYC

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last year the very last berries were lost but we still got a bunch.

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Annes are a little slower than my Caroline or Heritage to leaf out. My established Annes are just starting to leaf out. 6a Zone here.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I'm in 6 A too, and my raspberries are just leafing out. I have some new ones I just planted that are dormant still.
Fall Gold, Double Gold, Honey Queen, and Crimson Night are leafing out.
Most of my trees are still dormant. most everything is still dormant.
Give Anne a little time, nice to know it is late. I just planted one this year, a dormant bare root.

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I am in zone 4 and my annes are showing life before all others. Very strange...

As for the fruit, you will love it! It is a splendidly creamy berry with a mild vanilla-ish undertone. Very good for fresh eating.

If it is showing a green bud, let it go. It does have a live root and it will sucker, just give it time. Once it is established it is a very aggressive raspberry. We are in a very cold zone and it doesn't slow it down in the slightest.

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My Annes last year were slow to take off but the 2nd (this year) have grown as much as 18'' already in 6B NKY.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

My Anne raspberries have been the last ones still growing in the fall and still ripening berries after a few mild frosts. This spring, they were also the first to wake up, though now some of the others (Prelude in particular) have almost caught up. Anne has 18+" of primocane growth.

It can be a bit finicky though. I lost a whole bed of them after a early-fall planting.

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