'Arctic Kiwi' missnamed?

canadianplantApril 28, 2012

I just bought an "arctic kiwi" from CAnadian tire. The label says " acrtic hardy kiwi : Actinidi ARGULA " arctic beauty".

So I look online, and apparently, "arctic kiwi", is A. Kolomikta. I personally cant find any Argula "arctic kiwi".

Anyone else have this experience? Im well aware that the 2 vines are different. Id like to know what im growing...

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Hmmm....sounds like an Arguta kiwi--not "arctic", but still "hardy" compared to the fuzzy A. deliciosa.

If you bought it for color, you'll be disappointed if it's really an arguta. If you bought it for fruit, you'll be disappointed anyway if you only bought one plant.

On the other hand, if it's actually arguta *and* the "Issai" cultivar, you might get some fruit without a male--unless it can't take your winters....

I'd take it back and ask what the deal is.

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I did a few hours of research last night. I managed to figure out it is indeed "kolomikta". The leaf shape, and purple leaf edges were a dead give away. There is also a sign of slight discolouration, which seems to be the "variegation" that Kolomitka seems to get. "arctic kiwi" is the cultivar of Kolomitka, NOT arguta as far as I can tell. There are 3 vines comming out of the pot, 2 with out flowers, and one with flower buds.

I did manage to find that Canadian tire had Actinida "issai", so I picked that up as well. I really want them for the fruit, so if the "arctic kiwi", does not have a male planted in the pot (I think they usually come like that) Ill have the Issai, which is self fertile.

They also tend to put lots of plants on sale here VERY fast, so if I see one on discount, ill grab another of the actic kiwi, just to make sure...

Normally I would take it back, but 99% of the time im there, im educating the workers on the plants. I would have to contact the nursery, which I may do. Its a habit to know exactly what I have lol


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Just be sure you know what you have in the "arctic kiwi" before you try to find it a mate. "Arctic Beauty" is the most common male kolomikta sold. Variegation is typically a male attribute, although the females do tend to show some color as they mature (and at least one cultivar, "red beauty" is supposed to show a lot). But as you observed, the new leaves of a kolomikta often show a purplish cast.

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When you buy trees ,shrubs etc at places like Canadian Tire you really do not know what you are getting. And they don't either. For them it is just a spring thing and write off. Same with big box stores. And no I do not own a nursery but firmly believe in supporting the local growers who also support the community.

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