stark bros. supreme dwarf stanley plum tree

ljkewljApril 26, 2014

Hi everyone

I'm wondering if anyone has received or seen a root system like the one that I just received? I can't post a photo because I don't currently have a camera that works but I think I can give you a mental pic of what it looks like. I have bought over 22 fruit trees over the past 2 years and never seen anything like this.

The tree and root system looks like a whisk broom with a 43" handle! Literally if you are looking down at the tree from above and if you look at it as a clock face, there should be a root system that is going in all different directions at all different hours of the clock. Am I wrong here?

If you are looking down at it all the major and feeder roots are pointing straight down and are in a line! Just like a whisk broom..say looking at the clock they are going and growing only from 12 noon to 6 or from 3 to 9 just like in a straight line.

I don't believe this encourages a strong rooted tree and am thinking about contacting them about my displeasure in this. What do you people with more growing experience think I should do? I can dig it back up and put it back in the original box and send it back to them.

Thanks for any replies

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


If the tree looks healthy then it should be ok. Those roots will more than likely will branch out all over.


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