anniversery Blackberries

DerekandWhitneyApril 13, 2012

My name is Derek and for My first anniversery i Bought her Sweet Dream Blackberries. They arrived today as 3 stem each with connecting roots. i planted them each in a pot with miracle grow citrus formula soil. i do not know how to grow but i want these to flourish. it is after all an anniversery gift. please help me. tell me what to do. the stems are still somewhat green but has no leaves and only extends about 4in. past the roots its odvious they cut the top off before they sent them to me. Thank you

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It was Sweet of you to do that, even if you purchased from a TV commercial or a website.

Serious gardeners would get their blackberry plants from a local nursery, or perhaps mail-ordered through a reputable nursery that offers named hybrids of berries.

Blackberries are tough plants and your potted one may well survive, but you would not want to grow blackberry plants using miracle grow. Blackberries get big enough on their own without using concentrated fertilizer.

You will get no berries this year. If new berry canes sprout in your pot, you should replant it in a very large pot (at least 5-gallon) after it has stopped growing for the year.

You may get some berries from this new growth next year, but normally it would take 3 or 4 years before berry canes from a single start would produce the quantity of berries as shown on the TV commercial and websites.

If your berry plant is successful in the larger pot, you should plant it out in the ground. You can do this any time, no need to wait, but as a gift it is more practical in a pot for now.

The first anniversary is "paper" gift theme, so you may want to buy Whitney a paperbark birch tree instead.

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..on further reading I see you used a soil mix, not liquid Miracle Grow. That is fine.

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thank you yes i didnt realize that 1st anniversary is paper untill i got my gift. "paper tickets to a tim mcgraw concert." maybe i should just give her the receit for the blackberries lol

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