Possible to have blueberries first year planting?

linzelu100(7a)April 4, 2013

I am looking to buy a lot of blueberry bushes. My toddler is breaking our bank on blueberries; I thought it be good to grow our own since we have the space. I was putting an order in for 3 year old North HighBush plants and the owner instructed me I have to prune and won't get any berries this year. I thought that is why I was paying a lot for 3 year old plants? Oh I am so confused. Is there anyway to plant blueberries now and have blueberries this summer? Any age plant that will work for us?

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shazaam(NC 7B)

I'm curious -- were you instructed to prune the plants are just to to pinch blossoms the first year so that the plants don't set fruit? Who's giving the advice (i.e. is this a local or a mail order nursery)?

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If you want a crop the first year, everbearing raspberries are the way to go. You can plant them in April, and have fruit to harvest in August. They will continue to bear fruit into October. Blueberries do best if the flowers and fruit are knocked off the shrub when they are transplanted.

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shazaam- the advice was given by the owner/operator at a nursery that sells only blueberry plants. Advice was to prune. Alternative given advice was to buy container blueberry plants already contained to get berries for this year. Unfortunately this place is too far to drive and pick those up, and locally nothing like that available.

ericwi- Great advice on the raspberries. I always thought it was two years for them too. That won't help with our toddler. She won't eat them. "sour" she says. If I trasnplant the 3 year old plants and knock off flowers, can I leave any new flower growth on the plant after transplant..meaning get some fruit at least?

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I'd leave some flowers. Brady

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The reason to prune or not let the plant flower is to increase production in future years.

If you are more concerned about this years production then by all means leave half of the flowers on or leave flowers on half the plants.
You will get berries this year and next year-though maybe not as many next year.

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