My Benchgraft is blooming

daemon2525(5)April 4, 2013

Last year I planted some apple seeds to practice grafting on.
Spring is coming so late that I brought a seedling in a pot in the house.

The seedling came out of dormancy and started growing so I decided to graft a scion from the fridge onto it.

The graft took and now I have three buds that look like each is going to be a flower cluster.

My concern is that I have three fruit buds rather than any leaf buds.

It's goin to look funny with a pencil size stick with an apple growing on top. j/k

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Just pinch off all the flowers. you want all the energy going into the scions and not the fruits. Fruits will stunt the growth of a newly grafted trees.

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I was joking about the apple. I was really just looking for comment. My concern is maybe that none of the buds will take off and become my new central leader.

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You got me!! The rule of thumb is to have 3 buds on your scionwood. Choose the most vigorous bud as your central leader and cut off the rest.

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alan haigh

Yeah, that sucks because even when you pinch off the flowers you don't get the same growth- at least I don't.

What variety is it? I've had that problem with Jonagold- it seems to produce flower buds on one year wood on alternate years.

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The scion only had three buds and they are all going to flower. It's Honeycrisp on top.

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I had a scion of winekist like that last year....all flower buds...couldn't believe fedco sent it to me!
I was worried I was out of luck for the season, but the blooms aborted and then it threw vegative growth from the bloom scion junction. The growth was diminished as harvestman noted but it was not a total loss, just a delay.

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Never mind the difficulty of removing and installing a 91/30 barrel... They are on there *REAL* good... Then - you have no guarantee that the new one will time and headspace right....


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where do you order a go or no go guage for honeycrisp?

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