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iowajerApril 15, 2013

OK, I have a couple of questions about an old tree that I think is probably on its way out. I can't look for my paperwork on him anymore as my wife came home and needs on the computer, but I think he was planted in either '91 or '95. So he could be like 23 years old.

This past year I took out a large center leader kind of branch to open it up some and get the breeze going better.

This picture is showing the size the tape is at 8 feet, so it's probably 15-17 feet tall.

I noticed this today at about 6' up, little woodpecker looking holes that make almost a perfect circle around that branch.

I kind of assumed if it was a woodpecker that they would only work on dead trees, and got to wondering if it was some kind of bug instead?

And also this is a glob of jell that I assume has to do with some bacterial issue that I hear eventually gets most all old cherry trees, but I can find no place where this is coming from. I almost wondered if it was coming up from some shallow roots.

I did get 21 gallons of awesome cherries off him last year, so he's been a heavy and reliable producer for a lot of years.

Knowing that he's on his last leg I have planted some other stuff and I need to post a question on that next.

So...., woodpecker or bug, and does that glob of jell spell the end is near?


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Woodpecker and the glob isn't necessarily bad. Your tree looks healthy to me thanks to your good care. I think it could last many more years.

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Thanks fruitnut, I sure hope so!!! He has been troubled this last couple of years with brown rot, and he's never seemed to be bothered that way before.

So on the recommendation of the guys here, I did get something to stop that in its tracks. And of course like Jean said, weather has a lot to do with that.

I'll just keep pampering him along and hope he hangs in.


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