MissouriGrown(5B)April 7, 2013

Is it too late to root prune if a tree has already started leafing out? I really wanted to get it done a month ago but the weather has been horrible and it will be a big dirty job. It's a brown turkey fig in a huge tub planter - it's never been root pruned and after doing some research I've come to realize what a horrible caretaker I've been. :(

Thanks for any advice!

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alan haigh

Maybe you should go to the fig forum for this one but I'm sure the fig will survive root pruning even if it's leafing out. It really all depends on how much root you remove and I assume the danger would be to the harvest and not to the tree. Figs can take lots or abuse. The difference from a tree just beginning to leaf out and full dormancy isn't all that great in terms of response.

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Thanks for the answer - I did post this in the fig forum but didn't receive a response, so I thought I would try in this more general forum which is obviously a lot more populated! Thank you!

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