Raintree's response

mrsg47(7)April 23, 2012

Raintree came through! They are sending me another Mirabelle de Nancy and apologized. They are sending me a refund for my 'Bavay' green plum. They did say they are 'always' whips. Can't wait to send them a picture of my first Bavay then sent three years ago which was close to five feet tall and beautifully branched. (just for the record). The customer service person said they had been having problems with certain suppliers. At least they have made good on my order and I cannot wait to see the next Mirabelle Nancy that they will send.

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Good to hear they are making things right for you.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Always like to see companies stand behind their products.

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I figured they would. They are good about customer service.

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Thanks all I am really pleased and glad you feel the same. Mrs. G

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

I ordered like 12 plants from them. One of the pawpaws NC-1 looked completely 'bareroot' compared to 2 Mangos i got which had many feeder roots. It looked dry above the graft and i scratched the bark and found no live green above the graft, and then kept cutting with my pruners and didnt hit any green either (just dry and crispy graft).

They gave me a credit for this year and I buying more stuff since they wouldn't sell me another NC-1. Think they said the pawpaws they just got in didn't meet their standards and they aren't going to sell them. Its nice to have standards :). I like ordering from them and Rolling River, (and OneGreenWorld, Burnt Ridge, Edible Landscaping has some interesting stuff and good service too).

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Seems like they ought to axe "certain suppliers" from their list.

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This is my first year to order from them but almost everything seems to be growing. I'll give the rest a little more time since they've only been in the ground 2 weeks. I have trees from other suppliers planted much earlier that have yet to leaf out.

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So who actually grows all these trees? I called Edible Landscaping a few months ago about buying persimmons, and they said to check back in March. I have an order pending with Burnt Ridge now that's waiting for some pawpaws to arrive. A year ago I still assumed that these nurseries were growing what they sell. Are they growing and propagating anything they sell? Are all these nurseries buying from the same one or two growers? Which nurseries, if any, are actually seeding and grafting and rooting, etc., i.e. which are the "real" nurseries? If there are "real" nurseries, are they the better ones to buy from?

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Thanks All, your stories make my thoughts real! Cousinfloyd, I have the same question. Who is the 'grower'? If you look at the catalogues, its almost impossible for these nurseries to grow all of the varieties of fruit trees, regular trees, roses, and berries. They need suppliers (other growers who will drop off their 'trees' (stock) etc.to Raintree or other nurseries); thus the Raintree's of the world seem to be at the mercy of the crops of their suppliers. I thought these nurseries (like Raintree) were the growers as well. Naive, I guess. Continuing to learn though! At least Raintree took responsibility for their mistakes. I bet I'm not the only one calling them. Mrs. G

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franktank232(z5 WI)


I've always assumed Raintree was a middle man... Having said that, i've always been pleased, but I haven't ordered that much...maybe 8-10 trees and all have done great.

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They seem to be using nurseries from both Oregon and Washington.

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