kiwi grafting

creekweb(6,7)April 27, 2011

First time grafting some kiwis and I noticed quite a bit of sap accumulating at the grafting sites, similar to what I've seen with grape grafting. With grapes I place a horizontal slit about an inch before the graft site to reduce the sap volume - is the same approach required for kiwis?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Yes, at least thats how I do it. Refresh the slits every few days as they can clog up. The main difference between kiwi and grape grafts is kiwis are easy and grapes are nearly impossible to get takes on.


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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

Just curious, but why graft kiwi? They root so easily.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Alexander, kiwis do not root easily. There was a long discussion here a year or two about that. I have never tried it myself, I just observed the discussion. Also grafts of kiwis fruit sooner - my three grafts from last year all have flower buds this year, and they were all grafted onto one vine.

Ace, I agree green grafts are easier, but in California vineyards they have pros that topwork directly to big old trunks in the spring and get it to work all the time. I don't know what their secret is, I get only about 10% takes.


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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

Scott, I've grafted grapes and there are just two things to follow. Graft only on to green wood and only when temps are warm in evenings. Green wood doesn't bleed.

I pruned my Kiwi a little away from a pear last week it was like a small rainforest. I may use rubber on my Kiwi grafts to hold them.

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Alexander you are likely thinking of green cuttings rooting easily. They do. Its the dormant cuttings.. from the previous years growth that don't.

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

I was thinking of green cuttings. I put a few in a glass of water, and they all rooted. They layer quite easily as well. My Anna kiwi layered itself when a stem grew along the ground.

Re: fruiting time, that's a good reason, I never thought of a multi grafted kiwi!


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I lost both my male fuzzys this spring to a 25 degree morning so I need to start some borrowed males. I read that Alexander3 started some cuttings in water and I was wondering what type of wood/green scion was used.
I am trying layering for my females but I can only get cuttings from a male chico.

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

Hi Ken,

I wrote above that I used softwood cuttings, but I just dug up a picture taken June 29, 2009, and they look like hardwood cuttings. I planted my kiwis in the ground that spring (they had been in pots for a couple years), and pruned away some extra shoots. I'm sure that all I did was put them in a container of water:

The one on the right has a couple little roots right at the fork. I'm not sure of the date when I cut them.


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I have hardy kiwi plants, both male and female and I want to graft on fuzzy kiwis. This is Northern Virginia; will the fuzzi grafts resist cold weather? How can I get some fuzzy kiwi scions?

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