Need a Tree Recommendation

Kirsten12(7)April 8, 2014

I'd like to plant a small (10-20') tree in our small front yard to provide visual interest as well as a bit of a filter from the morning sun directly into our living room windows. The soil is sandy clay, but well drained because it is on a hill. The spot is southern facing and gets full morning and early afternoon sun. The rest of the yard is fairly naturalized, with flagstone paths, rock retaining walls, and hundreds of bulbs, daylilies, irises, grasses, and azalea (I like a clean, structured aesthetic), but no actual "lawn."

My husband is allergic to apples, there's already a fig tree in the backyard, and a dozen blueberry bushes of varying heights already have assigned places (front and back yards) waiting for me to enrich the soil for a fall planting.I wanted a sour cherry tree, but the neighbors say that the deer will rip it apart, so it's going to go in the fenced backyard instead.

What should I plant?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Euro pears are good, although I've had deer rip a pear apart.

Deer will pretty much rut any new tree they have a mind to. I don't know that sour cherries are especially attractive to them for rutting.

They do like the foliage of sour cherries - as well as apples.

Either way, I'm not sure I'd base my planting decision on things the deer don't like, rather on fruit that I like.

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I don't think that we have a problem with rutting- we're urban and the deer come from a local park, so I've never even seen a buck. I've seen does grazing on our front stairs, though, inches from the house. They're fat and bold, and love to pick all of the blooms right out of the garden. I don't really think that I can prevent them, just they apparently went crazy for my neighbor's sour cherry tree last year, and killed it.

We like pretty much everything, so it's really just finding a starting point.

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Too bad your husband is allergic to apples because a crabapple with persisting fruit would seem to be a good option. I've seen a peach tree in someone's front yard and I wouldn't recommend the fruit got messy and the blossoms on peach trees while nice are too small in my opinion. If a Euro pear doesn't work, how about an Asian pear? The Asian pear does favor a very upright growth habit (at least mine does) and that may or may not be up to your taste.

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