Sad image of snow...

Dan.NYApril 23, 2012

Check the image in the link here. It was taken this morning about a half mile from my orchard. Its very depressing. I cant imagine thigns are going to survive this.

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That link didnt work for some reason. This one is working though:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Does look ugly if there is fruit on those trees. But snow does not do direct damage, cold does. How cold do you expect and what stage are your trees?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

At least the trees are not leafed out....leaves and wet snow are a bad combination.

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Actually, I'd take a wet snow where temps stay near freezing over a 25 degree frost anytime, even with the risk of limb breakage factored in.

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Dan, the picture says it all, unfortunately. My heart goes out to you. I am almost at loss for words. Hope it warms up there very soon and your trees will leaf out. Mrs. G

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alan haigh

I wouldn't worry about a warm snow before trees leaf out. According to charts I've seen I shouldn't have much harvest to look forward to because of temps around 23 or so when peaches were almost in full bloom but the trees seem to have other ideas. Some of the fruit is filling out. I'm still hopeful of a decent crop of everything but cots. There's even a few of them sizing up.

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I see a few buds just barely starting to leaf out, but on a whole it looks like the tree is still mostly dormant. It should be fine. The buds it has right now will probably die, but it will make new ones quickly enough, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Not a problem when no leaf is out. Sometimes we get this mid/late May when trees have leaf, get lots of damage.

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My Asian pear blossoms were totally opened up and getting close to petal fall. My bartlett was not quite totally opened, but small leaves and some opened blossoms. Apples ranged from half inch green to pink. Peaches were at petal fall. Grapes were lagging behind seriously and were at minimal bud swell which is good.

I am hoping for at least some apples from the later varieties. I think peaches and Asian pears are pretty much toast. I guess well see. Maybe a few bartlett may make it.

I am worried about all my new trees I put in this year as well. Everything was out of dormancy and had at least a small amount of leaves.

Temps according to weather channels was 35. I cant confirm if it was lower or higher, but I am guessing lower at my site. Town is usually some degrees higher.

Low temps this week are predicted to be 3-4 degrees above freezing with more snow.

Is anyone else getting this wonderful weather??


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