Blackberry leaves are wilting and drying up, why?

KendraSchmidtApril 21, 2013


I have three blackberry vines that I bought last year and kept in small pots. I just got around to putting them in the ground, and they already had small to medium sized leaves on the vines.

Out of the three, I moved one plant into the direct sun but still in its same small original pot. It immediately began to wilt (the leaves).

Now I took all of them and put them into a small bed that I prepared with sandy loam. I noticed the next day or two that the second plant began to wilt. The first one that began wilting is pretty much now filled with wilted, drying up leaves. I have no idea why this is. I thought they were supposed to have direct sunlight and they did before even when they were in their pots.

Now All three of them are in the small bed and two of them look crazy and wilted and I have no idea of why. I'm in zone 8a. Is this happening because I put them in the ground too late? There are no signs of pests or disease or anything. They looked very healthy.

Please help. I don't understand why this is happening.

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They are probably just going through transplant shock, they'll perk up.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

It take about six weeks for trans planted Blackberry plant show sign new growth you destroy all small white roots that pick up water in transplanting. One way you protect some these roots in planting method from pot to ground is to turn plant when in pot upside down remove plant and soil from container intact then very careful turn over and put in planting hole. This keep those small white roots intact as long potting soil not broke right moisture in pot soil important to much water soil brake apart. Water soil mix let it drain for one hour this drain time remove heaviest part water. You want to be able cover potting soil on top with soil this slow potting from drying out fast. Planting while plant dormant zone 8a around December 1st helps to give more time plant recover like 3 months planting now that time lost.

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Very good advice above about the new little white roots. You picked a critical time to transplant, after the canes showed considerable new growth.

Blackberries are pretty tough and those could come back next year, or you could buy some more and plant them in late autumn. If your current plants show no signs of growth this summer, you may end up farther ahead by putting in new plants.

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Water the hell out of them until they develop enough of a root system to stop wilting.

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