pictures of my blueberries

riverman1April 3, 2011

I thought some of you here would enjoy seeing how far along my blueberries are right now. I am in southeastern washington state and as you can see the plants are budding but have yet to flower and are just starting to get a few leaves.

Once you get to the link, click on the arrow to move through the other photos. I will post some more pictures this summer after they leaf out.

These plants are starting the third year in pots. The plants are either in fir bark or peat moss. The varieties I have in pots are Northcountry, Chippewa, and Reka.


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Lets try again, hope this one works, sorry.ät=april32011northcountry.jpg

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I think they look good for their size. They are about a month behind mine. When they finish leafing out you will have a better idea of how they are doing based on leaf size and color.

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Lets try again, sigh. Sorry, the software won't let me edit the first post so I am trying again. If it doesn't work this time I am giving up!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi RiverMan1...since you have experience growing Chippewa and Northcountry I thought perhaps you could help me out...I'm purchasing one of each over the phone from a place up north because no dwarfs are sold around here and my friend will transport them. The salesman lacking knowledge said they are both in 3 gallon pots, perhaps 4 year old plants...I asked how tall and he said barely a foot! I thought the Chippewa would be at least 2 feet and the Northcountry at a foot and a half if truly that age. Sounds like they are 2 years old, but he said they do have flowers...perhaps they are 3 years old? Then he said they were probably cut back...not supposed to do that. How old do you think they are?

Also, I will be putting the Chippewa in the ground, the Northcountry in a half whiskey barrel...I have filler at the bottom of the barrel, pieces of wood, rocks...should I remove the filler and completely fill the entire barrel with soil mixture? I'm not sure how deep the roots will eventually go.

Hope you get this and have the time to respond...thank you!

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