Sweet Dream Blackberry

bullelkApril 15, 2012

Anyone seen the commercial and/or tried them or heard reviews? Sounds too good to be true so thought I'd research first. No real online reviews that I found so far.

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The "In Your Dreams" blackberry advertising campaign will probably be very successful and they will sell many plants.

(Yours is already the second reference to these berries on this forum--see the "anniversery blackberries" thread)

Unfortunately, most of the buyers will not be experienced gardeners and will not have the skills or patience to get the quantity of berries hyped by the ads.

You are better off getting blackberry plants from a local or a reputable mail-order nursery.

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They say don't worry, these arrive "dormant", they just look dead. After several months of painstaking care, no they aren't dormant, they are as dead as the day I received them. Too bad I held out hope and waited longer than 30 days to complain as I am out everything I paid them.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Sounds like a sour nightmare, not a sweet dream..


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