My First Blueberry

blueboy1977(TX9A/B)April 5, 2012

Okay, Im all stooked up now man!!! Just took a stroll through my blues and found a ripe blueberry;) It just turned color so Im gona leave it on the plant for a few days. It is Bountiful Blue and its the first to ripen in Houston Tx out of all the varieties that I have. Hopefully there will be plenty more to come!

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Congratulations:) It is torture seeing that blueberry and telling yourself nope wait a few days.........lets see how long you last lol.

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That's great blueboy.Now I see why two crops are possible there.The Blueberry flowers haven't even opened here yet. Brady

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bennylafleur(6 E. Tn.)

Brady, it seems strange to me that you are apparently in zone 8 and your flowers are not opened, while I am in(or was) zone 6, and have berries on some plants that measure 3/8 inch. there are a few flowers on some bushes that have not opened yet. Any thoughts on what causes this?


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I think the whole west coast is a few degrees below normal for this time of year,maybe La Nina,I'm not sure.We're just starting to approach 60F for a high.
These Zones I think are based on how cold the winter temperatures can get.
Some places in Texas are rated an 8,but they get much hotter usually than the Pacific Northwest does in the Summer. Brady

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My Jewel, Northland, Duke, Berkley and Coville are in full bloom, three other unknown and a Legacy and a Jaersey are about to open.

Ive got a few Carpenter bees nesting in my shed, they work the patch pretty well.

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So will 4 days be enough to sweeten up the berry? I know some say 4 days to a week. I also understand that can vary for different varieties. Anyone here fruited Bountiful Blue yet?

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That's sweet!!! The plants look great.

I'm still waiting for a leaf to show up on my plants, lol. Mine will probably look like this some time in July.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Sometimes it seems like TX is hotter in winter than the PNW is in summer, same zone. Zone tells you one point in many that go into making a climate.

I find it takes weeks after a berry turns color to really sweeten up. I've started tasting my unknown from FHN. The berries are huge and as expected soft. But they are sweet and better than I was expecting.

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Well thats good to hear Fruitnut! I came so close to picking that berry today. I tugged on it just alittle but it didnt want to come off yet so its gona hang out a few more days. Looks like Gulfcoast is next. The early formed berries have doubled in size the last few days! I dont think I can wait a couple weeks!

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KristiePDX(8b, sunset 6)

I live in Portland Oregon. My Patriot blueberry has just a few open flowers and the rest are buds still. There are not many leaves yet either. My Reka, Chandler, and Bluecrop are still in the flower bud stages (not open at the end). My apples and pears are just shy of opening flowers and my peach finished flowering two weeks ago. No leaves on the apples and pears, tiny leaves on the peach.

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