some help/info required on some american fruit

swaineApril 10, 2012

hello from the uk,

im looking for any information/pictures on the following maybe a bit obscure but i grow many hundreds of types of soft fruit and i am allways intrested in information on anything i dont have,

i have managed to have some intrestings plants imported from the us to the uk with poeple who could provide pytho certificates,ANY INFORMATION IS GREATLY APPRICIATED,

berry colours, growth habit, cropping season,taste, anything

1, RUBUS STRIGOSUS (an american wild raspberry?)please correct me if im wrong, i have tried a google search but seems to only be showing pictures of cultivated types

2,FRAGARIA VIRGINIANA, ( A WHITE FRUITED VARIANT???) i have many types of red virginiana imported, anyone seen or heard of such a thing

3, BLACK RASPBERRY (PLUM FARMER) i have managed to find a picture of this but has anyone ever grown this one and compared to other black raspberries

4, PURPLE RASPBERRY (AMETHYST) i have the brandywine, royalty, this may be an old type?

5, RUBUS ALLERGENSIS (PINK FRUITED BLACKBERRY) i have no pictures or real information on this

6,YELLOW FRUITED DEWBERRY, i only have a name no pics, no info

7,STRAWBERRY, (purple wonder) i think this is new and has very dark berries

any info or stories on any of these or anything that maybe be of intrest apprciated stew

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