Blueberry planting question

mary614April 13, 2012

All here have been a great wealth of information ;-)

My first few plants have arrived, 3 were dormant ->these I planted immediately. My 4th plant has arrived and it is completely leafed out... the paper work says this was greenhouse grown. First paragraph says plant immediately, second paragraph says to harden off appropriately... which should I do also keep in mind next week will be cold with night time lows in the 20's How susceptible to frost are bbs? I am thinking this one will be living in my porch for a little while.

thank you, mary

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Also the leaves are showing signs of being iron deficient along with some leaves having dried brown spots. It has lost several leaves that are lying in the pot, these are from shipping or plant health??

Should I foliar treat with some form of iron??

Want to add the plant just arrived today..

Thank you for your advice.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Harden the plant off and protect it from frosts. As long as you keep the soil moist there is no hurry to plant it. The nursery advises quick planting as a lot of plants are lost due to drying out in the pots...keep it watered and you are golden.

Are the spots round? With lighter tan centers? If so probably a fungus like septoria. I usually ignore it but on young plants you probably should treat it with captan or whatever.

Iron deficient from the nursery does not say much about the nursery but sometimes what looks like iron chlorosis is actually caused by the plant getting chilled, perhaps in shipping? I have no idea where you live. But it would not hurt to give it a little iron or water it with vinegar water or even coffee.

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Thank you for the info, I took a few pictures of it and downloaded them into photobucket. I will attach the link hopefully it will work.

Here is a link that might be useful: pictures of plant

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

It works. It looks to me like it needs fertilized. If you are going to wait a couple weeks before you plant and given the cold you mentioned that is not a bad idea I would go ahead and give it a little nitrogen. Key word being little.

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DWD2(10a, Sunset 17)

Mary614, It is not clear from your pictures that your plants have an iron deficiency. I have never experienced an Fe deficiency in my blueberries but the pictures I have seen show a much yellower color as the interveinal chlorosis. Below is a link to a good publication from Oregon State University on blueberry nutrition you may find helpful. The lesions you do seem to have on your leaves might be due to physical damage during shipping as a guess.

There is another OSU pub you may find useful:;jsessionid=53DF23476447CDAB892D91C22F3C98B7?sequence=1

The question you ask above about temperatures for your plants is significantly dependent on the cultivar(s) you have chosen.
If you are really into blueberries, I HIGHLY recommend getting a copy of "Blueberries for Growers, Gardeners, Promotors." It is really, really well done. Do not get it from Amazon unless you want to overpay. Get it from here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Blueberry Nutrition

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Thank you for the advice, I will see about getting some fertilizer for it. I will check out the book as well. I compared the leaves to several sites that had photo illustrations. The leaves are much paler in real life than the photos show. Picture 7's center leaf is closest to the whole plant.

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FE deficient plants have a clear identifier of dark veins and yellowing of everything else on the leaf. OR, it is the opposite and that identifier is MG deficiency. Either way your new plants looks healthy to me from those pictures. I would baby it until the cold weather has passed and then plant out.

While you are waiting it is a good time to get a soil test done on the area you are going to plant. Adjust for ph and soil nutrients as needed.

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Thank you everyone for the advice. I have been slowly hardening off the plant. It was soaking wet when it arrived, so I just foliar fed it with some miracle grow for acid loving plants on saturday morning. I have noticed that the soil mix has lots of wood chunks sticking out of it no bark to be seen.

It is still alive and a few of the smallest leaves are greening up. Should I treat it again with the miracle grow acid? The ground in the pot is still wet-it was outside when it rained yesterday.

I have a prepared bed of 50/50 pine bark and peat, I sent in a soil sample from the bed and one from our garden which is right next to the bb bed. I think I and every farmer in the state sent soil samples in at the same time ;-) The results should be back early next week from the confirmation email I had from the lab. At this point I have not added any fertilizer to the bed. I thought I would add according to their suggestions rather than guestimate.

Long post for the? should I fertilize the plant again since majority of leaves look the same?

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

If they were mine,I'd lay off of the fertilizer for about a month. Brady

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Thank you,
It just looks frail and pathetic... My husband even wanted to know what was wrong with it. We saw some at the local Lowes store, same age different varieties and they looked so much healthier.

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