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treehugger2012April 30, 2013

I have three apricot trees 3 years old I have not seen one fruit of the three trees yet. The flowers used to fell down and I always blamed it on fungus and flower rot. This year I had a strict spray program of dormant oil spray and fungicide spray. The flowers held nice, the petals fell and I can see the remaining of the flowers which looks like a little fruit. I got very happy and excited. But got concerned because if you touch any of those which may become fruit it fells down, very fragile. Is this normal or all will fell down. I tried to touch the same similar thing on my other trees peach, nectarine, cherry and pear they are firm and nothing fell down. should I kiss any apricot fruit goodbye I don't want to get disappointed more than what I am now. I really spent lots of time taking care of these trees, mulching, fertilizing, pruning and spraying I am wishing all my time and efforts will not be wasted.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The fruit that falls off easily either never set or was frozen. Did you have a freeze near or after bloom? We have had several and the apricots are toast another year.

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Fruitnut always has good advice. I too suffered through my apricot tree dropping small buds and small fruit. The tree simply was not old enough to bear fruit. Give your tree a year or two. Mrs. G

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Thanks It got very cold at night for few days unfortunately.
My other fruit trees are doing fine. I am really disappointed and don't know what to do. I just ordered two apricot trees and I am thinking to plant it in 15 gallons pots, leave it outside to get the chill hours and when they start blooming I pull them into the greenhouse I have a lot of failures but never quit.

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Mrs G
I agree Fruitnut is very knowledge about fruit trees.
I am very disappointed I leave no stone unturned taking care of my apricot trees but all I get from these trees is disappointment.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Now you're talking!! I've got a 1700 sq ft greenhouse full of fruit trees. Have never missed a crop except by my own fault and not much of that. Mine have been both potted and in-ground. Either works. I'll have ripe fruit this week and they are predicting 30F Friday morning. So I usually have ripe apricots in the greenhouse before the last freeze outside. Beats a kick in the gut every year outside.

Mrs G could be right your tree might not be ready to bear. In the greenhouse most stone fruit bears the 2nd year, always by the 3rd.

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Calling on fruitnut again

You said my apricot fruit is fragile and falls easily because the fruit is undeveloped. I am thinking the frost did not allow the flower to stay alive long enough for the fruit to develop am I right on that or something else can cause the fruit to undeveloped. thanks for your info.

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